Born in Toronto, Joanne’s family moved to North Bay when she was very young. As with most northern Ontario children, playtime was outside time, and outside was lush wilderness, beautiful lakes, and winding country roads.


Over the years, Joanne has explored a plethora of crafting pastimes. Macramé in the 70’s, dough dolls and lampshades in the 80’s, then woodworking and furniture refinishing in the 90’s. Early in the 2000’s she took an interest in beading and a passion was kindled.


Joanne’s first taste of jewelry making was when she received a semi-precious stone chip bracelet from a friend who had brought it back from St. Martin. She wore it as it was for several years and loved it. Then one day she thought, ‘wouldn’t it be pretty to bling it up a little with the addition of some sterling’. So off to a jewelry supply retailer she went and $80 later (oops!) she was hooked.


From simple beginnings Joanne launched into exploring the world of the jewelry artist. Through research and study, accessing material written by masters of the craft, Joanne worked to develop her own artistic style. Delving into precious metal fabrication, she learned to design and create pieces that spoke of her appreciation for God’s creations. As a result, Joanne’s designs show both uniqueness and a well rounded coverage of the processes of jewelry making. If asked what is most important to her about what she creates, she would tell you without hesitation, ‘design and workmanship’.



“Art is abundant in nature. You only have to look…so much texture, colour, and form. Contrasts and compliments are everywhere. This is what I endeavour to bring into my designs. Each piece is an expression. I love to mix things up, with both natural and man-made mediums; pairing fine sterling silver with roughly textured stones; hammering silver to add a contrary element. Whether the design is whimsical, bold, or classic, our preferences reveal little aspects of our personality, that of both the designer and the wearer.


For me each element; stone or bead, has its natural setting, its place in a design that will compliment its artistic potential. It takes time to work out the design. It’s like defining an appreciation, it becomes tangible.”



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